HACCP Digital

Create your HACCP Concept or OCP Concept with a app developed by experts -  100% digital,  with thorough explanations, without heaps of paperwork.

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Why is HACCP Digital the future for your HACCP Concept or OCP Concept?

A HACCP concept is mandatory for every company in the food industry and must be ready in place upon checks and audits. To comply with this legal requirement, there were only a few alternatives in the past: Either analogue templates which were self-designed and involved a lot of research or  external support by specialists. In future, choose a different way with HACCP Digital instead: Step by step you create your HACCP concept directly in the browser from the product description to the PDF export of the entire flow diagrams and hazard analyses also for organic products - with guidance, intelligent evaluation tools and 24 h online access.

Saves time and resources • more security in your evaluation • intuitive use

HACCP Digital: Intelligent software developed by experts


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HACCP Digital: Manufacturing process - Screenshot

Manufacturing process

Your entire manufacturing process step by step and by drag and drop.

Choose your ingredients, raw materials and organic status within the HACCP Tool  via a comfortable search function and compile all necessary working steps from arrival of goods up to the final product. Structure your process with individual manufacturing components and thus keep an overview.

Hazard analysis

Relevant hazards are assigned automatically
in nature and severity to the raw materials
and working steps

Evaluate their likelihood of appearance step by step in HACCP Digital and define critical control points (CCP) or organic control points (OCP) by answering questions focussed on specific incidents.

HACCP Digital: Hazard analysis - Screenshot
HACCP Digital: Control points- Screenshot

Control points

Precisely defined control points based on your hazard analysis within your process.

Choose necessary controls, intervals as well as target and limit values and establish corrective actions in case of non-conformities; all based on your individual process from single components up to the final product.


Comply with your mandatory requirement to provide evidence without heaps of paperwork

The entire manufacturing process is promptly and digitally available in form of a flow chart and can be downloaded together with a detailed risk analysis in PDF format for checks and audits

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Developed by experts

we are experts in food safety with many years' experience

step by step through HACCP

Your HACCP concept remains clearly structured by means of explanations, support and guidance.

24 h
online access

You can access, edit and export your documents any time.

Do take advantage of a digital solution for HACCP

HACCP to comply with hygiene standards

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a process to ensure that all relevant food hazards to human health  are identified, asssessed and adequately controlled. As per Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 on hygiene of foodstuffs, every company which manufactures, processes or distributes food within the EU is legally required to set up a HACCP concept. The objective is to implement a standardized precautionary  principle based on the principles contained in the  Codex Alimentarius. This all is managed by one central tool = HACCP Digital.

Advantages of HACCP

Your HACCP concept' main  purpose is to control in the first place - you keep an overview of all potential risks and hazards in your manufacturing process and thus improve the safety of your food products.

Your HACCP concept must be verifiable through documents and records which is an advantage for you, too: You hold a proof of your due diligence in your hands and secure recognition and confidence in international trade and of your customers.

Analogue alternatives

Without HACCP Digital there have been only two options so far:

1. To use of standardized templates to  establish your complete hazard analysis which requires a lot of reseach and time within your company.

2. To engage external specialists at significant costs depending on the size and product range of your company.

HACCP Digital is the best of both worlds: important  expertise bundled in a tool which supports you efficiently and can be used independently any time.

Our customers are convinced


The HACCP Tool is well and logically structured. Especially start-ups can save much time and work and establish a well functioned risk analysis. Recommendable!

Tamara Carstensen, Quality Manager Organic Friends & Sports GmbH

If such a tool had been available 10 years ago, I would have had less trouble getting started with HACCP.

Martina Steffen, Quality Assurance Managerat Bartels-Langness Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

How to work with HACCP Digital

HACCP Digital: Profile - Screenshot

1. Create profile & team

  • Company: data, size, logo
  • Anlegen des Firmenprofils mit Daten, Logo und HACCP-Team samt Hauptansprechpartner und vorhandener Kenntnisse
  • PDF-Exports are branded individually
  • Define primary contact
  • Create HACCP team incl. department and expertise / knowledge
HACCP Digital: Prevention check - Screenshot

2. Prevention check

  • Comprehensive questionnaire on preventive measures in the entire production and process, among others
  • Umfassender Fragebogen zu vorbeugenden Maßnahmen im gesamten Betriebund Prozess u. A.: Infrastruktur & Personal, Einkauf, Wartung &Reinigung
  • Infrastructure & personal
  • Technical maintenance
  • Purchase & protection of goods
  • Cleaning, disinfection, pest control, waste disposal
HACCP Digital: Product overview - Screenshot

3. Product overview

  • Create and edit new products
  • Anlegen und Bearbeiten individueller Produkte mit grundlegenden Produktmerkmalen und Auflistung aller verwendeten Rohstoffe
  • Basic characteristics of the product such as physical state, use, packaging and storage
  • List of all raw materials used
  • Overview of all individual
    product components
HACCP Digital: Ingredients and raw materials - Screenshot

4. Ingredients and raw materials

  • Collect all raw materials and ingredients used
  • Zusammentragen aller verwendeten Rohstoffe und Zutaten aus über 500 vordefinierten Optionen mit Kategorien, Suchfunktion und Filter
  • More than 500 predefined raw materials split into more than 30 categories
  • Search function and filter
  • Creation of new raw materials
HACCP Digital: Manufacturing process - Screenshot

5. Manufacturing process

  • Compile the sequence of all working steps in the manufacturing process from arrival of goods up to the final product
  • Zusammenstellen der Abfolge aller Arbeitsschritte des Produktionsprozesses von Wareneingang bis zum finalen Produkt
  • Select from more than 70 templates and add individual working steps by drag and drop
  • Create and edit individual product components
HACCP Digital: Hazard analysis - Screenshot

6. Hazard analysis

  • Based on raw materials, ingredients and processes, hazards are identified automatically in their nature and severity and are assigned to specific working steps
  • Bewertung relevanter Gefahren, die durch Zutaten und Prozesseautomatisch den individuellen Arbeitsschritten zugewiesen werden
  • Evaluate relevant  risks in relation to the likelihood of their appearance
  • Define critical control points (CCP) by answering detailed questions which are generated automatically in  case of high risk
HACCP Digital: Checks - Screenshot

7. Checks

  • Assign individual checks where relevant within the manufacturing process based on the results and CCP of the hazard analysis
  • Zuweisung von individuellen Prüfungen im Herstellungsprozess mitIntervallen, Grenzwerten und Maßnahmen bei Abweichungen
  • Select from more than 25 templates and add individual checks by drag and drop
  • Define check intervals, target or limit values and measures in case of non compliances
HACCP Digital: PDF-Export - Screenshot

8. PDF-Export

  • A flow chart of the manufacturing process and the hazard analysis are generated for every product automatically
  • Für jedes Produkt werden Fließschemata und Gefahren analyse automatisch als individuell gebrandete PDF-Exporte generiert
  • Download of the documents in PDF format
  • All PDF-Exports are branded with your company's logo
  • Any changes of your product details will be applied at once

Hands-on Services for your HACCP concept by nuTIQ

If you need more support beyond our HACCP tool in order to establish your concept successfully, we will be happy to assist you with additional services: The preparation and development of an efficient concept based on your requirements; consultancy service  by means of analyses and evaluations; team trainings and inhouse trainings of your staff on fundamental food hygiene  in theory and practice. Let's talk about your specific situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
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